Recipe Index

Abbreviations:   DF = Dairy Free  EF = Egg Free  FF = fructose friendly  NF = Nut Free   GF = Gluten Free   GrF = Grain-free  RSF = Refined Sugar Free  LF = Legume Free  SF = Sugar Free  XGF = Xanthan Gum Free  YF = Yeast Free

(..F ) = can be Free of


Simple Nut Milk making in the Thermomix

Uses for a nut milk bag – buy a Living Synergy nut milk bag from me!

Making almond milk


Making your own gluten free flours

Gluten Free Flour Blend

How to make your own chickpea/gram/besan flour


Gluten Free Breads, Pastry and Pasta

Artisan Bread – GF/DF/YF/SF

Banana Bread/Loaf – GF/DF/GrF/RSF/XGF – great brekkie bread!

Cheat’s Gluten Free Loaf – easy bread, using a pack of Orgran’s plain flour!

Crusty ‘French’ Bread – GF/DF/SF/(YF) – use this recipe to make individual rolls too!

Crusty Hi-Fibre Artisan Bread – GF/DF/SF/EF/NF/XGF

Favourite gluten free loaf to date – GF/DF/SF/NF/XGF – this is my ‘go to’ loaf of choice!

Focaccia bread – GF/DF/RSF

Free From Pizza Base – GF/DF/YF/SF/EF

Best Ever Gluten Free and Dairy Free (Vegan) Pizza – GF/DF/SF/EG/NF

Free From Rolls – GF/DF/YF/SF/EF

Free From Rolls/Loaf with nut free option – GF/DF/SF/YF/EF/(NF)

Naan Bread – GF/NF(DF)

Pizza base – GF/DF/RSF/EF/(NF)/(XGF)

Popcorn Bread – GF/NF/(DF

Savoury scone option – GF/DF/NF

Simple Cob Loaf – GF/DF/SF/(NF)

Varoma Dumplings – GF/DF



Pink Panther Pancakes – GF/DF

Wild Garlic and Nettle Soup and Forage Fritters – GF/DF

Wraps/Chapatis – GF/DF/EF/NF/RSF 


Savoury Crackers

Chick Pea / Besan Crackers – GF/DF/EF/NF/RSF

Corn tortilla chips – GF/DF/EF/NF/RSF

Pizza Biccis – GF/DF/EF/NF/RSF/YF

Potato and Almond Crackers – GF/GrF/DF/EF/SF

Quinoa Crackers – GF/DF/EF/NF/RSF 


Cakes, Muffins and Slices

Banana Skin Cake – GF/DF/RSF

Bara Brith (speckled fruit bread) – GF/GrF/DF/RSF

Brussels Sprout Cake – GF/DF/RSF/(NF)

Caribbean Treat Muffins – GF/DF/(NF)/(GrF)

Carrot Cake Scones – GF/DF/NF

Chocolate Beanie Brownies – GF/DF/EF/RSF(NF)

Chocolate Orange Almond Slice

Chocolate Pumpkin Slice – GF/DF/RSF

‘Free From’ Chocolate Jaffa Cake with Choc-Coconut Icing – GF/DF/RSF/NF/EF/LF

Ginger, Date and Banana tray bake with caramel icing -GF/GrF/DF/RSF(NF)

Gluten Free Chocolate Lava Puddings – GF/DF/(EF)

Healthy Marble Cake – GF/(DF)/GrF/RSF

Lamingtons – GF/GrF/DF/RSF

Sponge / Fairy Cakes – GF/DF



Anzac Biccis – GF/RSF

Brekkie cookies GF/DF-RSF

Choc Chunk Cookies – GF/DF/EF

Peanut Butter Shortbread (or Cookies) – GF/RSF


Sweet Snacks

Chocolate Popcorn Bites – DF/GF

Ferrero Rocher – GF/DF/(RSF)

Raw Fruit and Nut Bar – lunch-box treat- GF/RSF/EF

Goji Fudge – fructose friendly GF/SF

Seedy Chocolate Fridge Slice/Bites – GF/DF/RSF/EF(NF)

Superduper chocolate fudge – GF/DF/RSF(NF)



Dairy Yoghurt – GF/NF/EF

EasiYo Dairy Vanilla Yoghurt – GF



ABC Orange Mousse – GF/DF/SF/EF/NF

Blackberry Crumble – GF/DF/SF

Chocolate Beetroot Brownie Pudding – GF/DF/RSF

Chocolate Mousse Pudding – GF/DF/(GrF)

White Nut ‘Cheesecake’ – GF/DF/EF/RSF


Meals and accompaniments

Beefroot Burgers – GF/DF

Butter Chicken – Friday night “take-in” – GF/(DF)

Butter Chicken Risotto – GF/(DF)

Chunky Pork and Veggie Chilli – GF/DF/SF/EF/NF

Meat and Veggie-pie – GF

Moroccan meatballs – GF/DF

Mushroom Bolognese – GF/DF

Pea and Mint Soup – GF/DF/SF and suitable for a low iodine diet

Quiche – GF/DF

Savoury Flapjacks – GF/Grf/NF

Spanish Lentil Stew – GF/DF

Spicy Cabbage Salad – GF/DF/NF

Spinach Tagliatelle (with chicken, pasta sauce and veggie strips) – GF/DF

Tuna Pasta Bake / Mornay – GF/DF

Wild Garlic and Nettle Soup and Forage Fritters – GF/DF



Easy Mixed Spice – GF/DF


Berry Icy Poles / Ice Lollies – GF

Chocolate Yule Log-GF


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