Healthy Marble Cake


This was inspired after a query from Maria at Feisty Tapas as to how she could make her famous marble cake lighter and fluffier in the Thermomix, like she can using her whisk, bowls and saucepan method.  (Looks delish, yet she claims she can’t bake?!).  Anyway, forever loving a challenge, even at 11pm at night, I poked around on the internet a little.  I even briefly consulted my demonstrator friend, Aneta, who swears by using the butterfly / MC off for lighter/fluffier cake results.  I found a few options, but thought this butterfly method would probably be the option for Maria to adapt her recipe.  Of course, as I never bake cakes that are non gluten free, I don’t buy standard wheat flour (only strong bread-making flour), so I couldn’t test myself.  I’ll leave that to everyone else who can tolerate gluten!

Meanwhile, interest piqued, I had a bit more of a look on Google and found a healthy paleo, gluten free marble cake, so made it my mission to make today!  However, I didn’t have enough eggs to double the recipe and I’d definitely suggest doubling to make a decent sized cake, as the one I made would be gone in one go at our place!  Luckily, the guys are away, but I’m sure the gals will have a good crack at it.  One already has :O.  Definitely light and fluffy enough for me, as gluten free cakes go!

So, here we go – please feel free to let me know if you make it and if you can suggest any tweaks! :-

(Amounts in brackets are for a bigger cake)

Mill speed 9 / 10 seconds, then set aside:

  • 120g (240g) almonds

Place the butterfly in the Thermomix bowl and whip 4 Min / Speed 4 / MC off:

  • 40g (80g) rapadura or coconut sugar
  • 2 (4) large eggs

ImageAdd and blend 1 Min / Speed 4:

  • 4 (8) tbs butter OR 35g (70g) oil – I used Rapeseed

Add and mix 1 Min / Speed 4:

  • 120g (240g) almond flour from earlier
  • ½ (1) tsp salt

Scrape down sides of the bowl.

Add and blend 30 Sec / Speed 4:

  • 60g (120g) full fat coconut milk OR your preferred milk, if not paleo or dairy free

Add and mix 10 Sec / Speed 4:

  • 1 (2) tsp baking powder
  • Zest of a lemon, or better still, of an orange

Pour 3/4 of the mixture into a baking form.

ImageAdd to the remaining mix in the TM bowl (popping on the MC cup for this) and blend 10 Sec / Speed 5:

  • 1 (2) tsp vanilla extract
  • (3) tbs raw cacao (or organic cocoa) powder

Scrape down the sides of the bowl and repeat the blend.

Add the chocolate mixture into your baking tin and agitate with a skewer to create the marble effect.
ImageBake for 35-40 Min / 200°C or 180deg fan forced, until a toothpick inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.



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