About MAMT


Lesley – I’m passionate about cooking and experimenting with healthy, gluten free – sometimes dairy free – meals, on a budget, with my Thermomix.  It allows you to be in control of your diet, ie putting in and leaving out what you want, as well as saving you time and money AND inspiring you in the kitchen!

The way I cook …

Gluten Free – I’ve perfected my own blend using buckwheat, chickpea, almonds and tapioca …
Dairy Free – I use cashew nuts to make cream, milk, nut butter and I make coconut butter to make my own chocolate with cocoa or cacao nibs, dates and natural flavourings …
Reduced Salt – I use Himalayan salt where necessary and to make my own stock-paste with veggies …
No Refined Sugar – I use chopped dates, a little raw honey or pure maple syrup and
organic – where I can …

Mum to two beautiful artistic and creative children and wife to Financial Planner/IFA Dan.  He’s very passionate about helping people to budget and to get their retirement on track; works very hard, often into the wee hours. He also writes a blog and has lots of money-saving ideas to share on Facebook “Poppyred Life” …

Dan and the kids are all Aussie born, but I’m from England and we relocated to the UK from Melbourne in 2010. Aside from living in Germany for 6 months back in the late 80s to polish up my German, I lived in Australia for 13 years, a reasonable chunk of my life, so yes, I do miss many aspects … big, clean, uncluttered streets, good coffee, the health and dental service, some dear friends and rellies, barbecues in parks and generally the positive Aussie attitude of giving someone a ‘fair go’. I don’t miss the stinky and relentless 40-45degree days in summer or AFL fever!  Britain has such rich heritage and history, fabulous architecture and beautiful countryside … we just need to appreciate it more … a bit more sunshine wouldn’t go amiss either!!!!

Tori – Art and Design student, with an interest in food as medicine, nutrition, zero waste, natural therapies and food styling and photography.  Now 17, gluten free by choice, and keen to revamp the website!



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