Have you made your own almond or other dairy free/nut milks in the Thermomix yet?  Feel like giving it a go?  Here’s how …

By the way, it’s really delicious if you add a medjool date and a pinch of salt.  Otherwise, for savoury uses, just a pinch of salt will do (I guess you could add some yeast flakes for a slightly cheesy flavour, if you wish).

raw almonds-001

Start with weighing in 100g raw activated or blanched almonds


ground almonds-001-1

Mill almonds for 10 seconds / speed 9 = almond meal


Set for 1 minute / speed 9

Add 550-600g water.  You can even add a medjool date and a pinch of salt for more flavour, if you like. Set for 1 minute / speed 9


almond milk-001

Tada … unstrained almond milk


nut milk bag over steamer basket and strain1-001

Place steamer basket over a suitable sized bowl, set the nut milk bag over the top and pour in the nut milk and let it drip through

If you’re in the UK, contact me to purchase a Living Synergy nut milk bag

See here on how to purchase the nut milk bags in Australia

strain milk-001

Squeeze the remainder of the milk out through the nut milk bag


lovely nut milk-001

Lovely creamy almond milk


makes 500g nut milk-001

Makes 500g NB: Store in fridge for no longer than 3 days. I usually make it every other day or on demand.


almond pulp-001-1

The nut pulp can be used for numerous things, or you can freeze it until you have a big enough batch to dry out in the oven, or in a dehydrator, to make almond flour. I like to make almond pulp crackers with mine …


almond pulp crackers2-001

Almond pulp crackers are so easy!

Easy almond pulp cracker recipe here

avocado soup raw

Use your dairy free almond milk in all sorts of recipes … like in this raw avocado and spinach soup … in your porridge, to make mashed potatoes, dairy free bechamel sauces, custard, coffee, ice cream …