Nakd bars-001

These bars are so yummy and born out of checking the packaging of a 35g Nakd bar to discover how few the ingredients were and so easily whizzed up in the Thermie!  Great, quick lunch-box snack!

Whizz up for 20 seconds / speed 9:

  • Zest of half an orange
  • 1 tsp cornflour

Set aside

Whizz up for 20 seconds / speed 9 – scrape down – then repeat for another 10 seconds / speed 9:

  • 140g cashews (for a nut-free version, try pumpkin or sunflower seeds)

NB:  the mix should almost be at the cashew butter stage

Add and whizz 30 seconds / speed 9:

  • 140g dates
  • 50g raisins

Add in and blend 10 seconds / speed 9:

  • grated Orange zest
  • 20g cacao (cocoa) powder

If you pick up a blob of the mix and squeeze in  the palm of your hand, it should form together well.  Tip the mixture into a small tin, lined with baking paper if you wish, and press down with your hands.  Then take a small jam jar and roll to make a smooth dough.  I then score ‘bars’ measuring about 1.5cm x 10-12 cm.  Make them larger or smaller, as you wish.

Pop into the fridge to harden, then cut up.

Ready to eat or to pop into a lunch-box!