Cheat’s Gluten Free Loaf

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While looking through some cut-outs from old copies of the Australian Coeliac mag, I came across a GF bread recipe using Orgran plain flour.  Even though I can order this blend as part of Mr MaMT’s UK GF prescription every few months, I don’t like using it for baking personally, as I find it renders too dry a, and sometimes rubbery, baked product.  However,  I thought I’d put it to the test in this bread recipe!  I refer to it as cheating, as I feel naughty not milling my own grains to make a flour blend. 😋  Anyway, I tweaked around, thermified and came up with this, with a very nice result:

Add to the TM bowl and heat 3 minutes / 37 degs / speed 2:

  • 450g water
  • 2 tsp dried yeast
  • 40g olive oil

Add and mix for a few seconds / speed 3:

  • 1 egg

Add and blend 5 seconds / speed 5:

  • 500g pack Orgran plain flour*
  • 1 generous tsp sea salt

Scrape down the sides of the bowl, add and then knead 2 minutes:

  • 20g mixed seeds (I use sunflower and pumpkin)


The mix will be like a stiff cake batter – scrape into a grease-proof lined 1kg bread tin and place in a warm spot for 20-30 minutes to rise.

Meanwhile, pre-heat oven to 220 degs f/f.

Bake for 10 minutes then turn down the oven to 180 degs and bake for a further 35 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack and slice.  Best eaten fresh, but still okay for a day or two after, wrapped up.  Freeze any remainder – lovely toasted. 😍

* available in the UK on prescription (if Coeliac registered) or from health food stores, or in Australia, of course, from Coles, Woolies etc


12 thoughts on “Cheat’s Gluten Free Loaf

  1. Hi Lesley this loaf sounds great – dairy and gf, not too many ingredients and easy to make – just wondering have you tried it with baking powder instead of yeast ? love your posts, tell me, how come you are in the UK – I see you are Austraillian I must have missed that in our previous corresponcdence, sorry I am being nosy now!

    We have a meeting for TM’s in my part of Ireland tomorrow and are getting our Quirky cooking cookbooks – can’t wait!

    I’m visiting family and friends in London and Kent in a couple weeks, really looking forward to it.

    talk again soon Liz

    1. Hey Liz, I’ve subbed yeast for 2 tsp BP OR 1 tsp citric acid and 1 tsp bicarbonate soda in other breads and it’s worked fine; just a slightly different taste.

      Meanwhile, I’m British born – I emigrated to Oz in the late nineties as hubby’s Aussie. We met when I was travelling in ’93. The ideal life, of course, would be 6 months here; 6 months there. The trouble is, working out which 6 months as I don’t like the snow and dark nights here in November to March, but I also don’t enjoy 30 and 40 degs in the Aussie summer!!! 😳

      Enjoy your trip AND the book of the year! What will you make first, I wonder?!

  2. Thanks for this, Lesley. ThermoHubby John and I were just talking last night about doing a gluten free trial to see what effects it would have on his chronic indigestion, and I see that Orgran is available online here in France. So thanks for the recommendation and another fab recipe!

  3. Have you tried cooking this in the slow cooker? Looks like a faster bread to make than the Healthy Bread in 5 Artisan bread (which is delish, and I feed it to my gluten-eaters as pizza dough).

    1. No I haven’t tried in the slow cooker, Judie! In fact, I haven’t tried any slow cooker breads! Maybe I should? This one’s a quick bread, though not my favourite. I like something with more ‘wholegrain’, with chew and texture …

      1. The Artisan bread from healthy bread in five mins a day (which was thermofied by Quirky and I think you posted an intolerance friendly version) is perfect in the slow cooker. You don’t even need to do a second rise. It also can be popped into a loaf tin in the slow cooker… just pop a kitchen towel under the lid.

  4. Made it today… awesome. We had linseed in the pantry so I used that. I also used the WW brand GF flour and just measured out 500g. Also cooked in the slow cooker… took about 2-2.5hrs on high

  5. This recipe was my go to for the bread maker… I really hate baking in the oven if I can get out of it and it’s been a while, I lost my bread making mojo. Also nowhere seems to sell the gf bread flour anymore. Our old bread maker is missing the mixing paddle and the newer one is in storage. I couldn’t remember if this one could handle the “larger” loaf or not… so experimented (again).. got out the pie maker and scooped out proved dough into 2 pie “things”. They were perfect English muffins in 20 mins. The bread maker one is a little small but better than having a mess to clean up.

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