Easiyo Dairy Vanilla Yoghurt a la Thermomix (TM31)

Easiyo (2)
I ‘hear’ alot of talk on various Thermomix FB pages and forums about Easiyo yoghurt makers and how good they are.  However, I’ve always managed to make dairy yoghurt very easily and successfully using a TM31, a pyrex dish, Thermoserver and airing cupboard, so I’ve resisted adding another piece of kit to my kitchen.  I’ve had a bit of a clear-out and re-organisation of late, anyway, as I just can’t bear burgeoning cupboards
 Now, my teen son is very fond of the old vanilla yoghurt and even though I’ve tried a version of natural home-made yoghurt, adding a little maple syrup and vanilla powder to replicate the commercial version, he refuses to eat it, instead asking for the bought stuff!  Humph.   OH and DD, on the other hand, prefer the home-made option …
Anyway, whilst browsing for something else in a store a few weeks ago, I spotted the Easiyo yoghurt mix and I thought ‘hmm, I wonder if …’  So, without further ado, I bought a pack of the vanilla mix, came home, found a method on the Thermomix Forum on how to make the pack go further (using the Easiyo flask method, mind you), cracked open Thermie and away I went, off in experimental mode again.  Well, here’s the result after 10 hours:  a lovely thick and creamy vanilla yoghurt.  Yay!  It does seep out whey after you’ve spooned into it, but no worries, I just save it and throw it into the next Thermie concoction, be it bread, cake or soup!
Easiyo Vanilla Yoghurt
Before I get to it, for an authentic vanilla yoghurt, I simply take:
then add and mix in:
1/2-1 tsp vanilla powder
1-2 tbs maple syrup, or to taste
For the Easiyo mix method, however:
 Add to TM bowl and mix 10 seconds / speed 7:
  • 115g Easiyo yoghurt mix (half a 230g packet, basically) – I used the vanilla flavour, but there are other flavouring options available, of course – I’m keeping the remaining culture in the freezer to maintain its freshness
  • 75g milk powder (helps make it creamier)
  • 900g water
Set for 10 mins / 37 degs / speed 1
Easiyo prep (3)
Set for 10 minutes / 37 degs / speed 1
Meanwhile, boil the kettle and add about 1cm boiling water to a Thermoserver or thermal insulated lidded dish of some kind (Indian stores often stock them; something like these🙂
Easiyo prep (2)
Add about 1 cm boiling water to the bottom of the Thermoserver
  • Take a pyrex dish that fits into your thermal server and sterilise in the meantime – I just add water to it and microwave for 8 mins while the yoghurt mixture is gently heating.
  • After sterilising, carefully tip out the boiling water from the Pyrex dish and insert into the thermal server containing the 1 cm water in the bottom.  NB:  I’ve started to discard this water though and I don’t think there’s much difference, but with the Easiyo yoghurt makers, you retain the warm water in the thermal container.  I always pop my thermoserver into a quilted bag and wrap in a towel, then place in the airing cupboard.  Works for me.
  •  When the yoghurt mix has finished heating, pour into the Pyrex dish, pop on the thermal server lid, wrap up in a towel and place in a warm spot for about 10 hours.
Easiyo prep (1)
Insert sterilised pyrex bowl into the Thermoserver -and pour in the heated yoghurt mix – NB: The water level in the Thermoserver will rise up to about half-way of the pyrex dish
“Easi” – 1L vanilla yoghurt; no need for the extra flask and I get to spread the cost of the yoghurt mix!  Not my ideal way of making yoghurt, as I prefer the natural, fresh milk version – but hey, sometimes, needs must!  Cost for 1kg vanilla yoghurt:  £1.55, which is more or less the same price for a 450g commercial pot of same!
For a subsequent batch, I made soya milk from some old soya beans I didn’t realise I had, and made yoghurt with it from the original batch of vanilla yoghurt.  It wasn’t quite as thick and creamy, but it wasn’t runny either.  It also tasted rather good!  I’ve never had soya yoghurt before, so it surprised me!
Meanwhile, I dehydrated the soya-vanilla pulp …
Soya Flour
whizzed up the dehydrated soya milk pulp for 1 minute / speed 9 … et voila, about 200g soya flour
… and used to make some *healthy* millionaire’s shortbread biccis!
Soya millionaire's biccis (1)
… and they were oh so yummy!

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