Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags

Did you know that you can make milk from nuts and seeds?  It’s very easy with a Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag!

ImageWhat?  Haven’t heard of a Nut Milk Bag?!

Well, it’s a handy tool that helps you make fresh and nutritious milk from a variety of nuts and seeds.  Coconut, almond, cashew and rice milk are probably the most popular.  However, you can even make milk from brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds etc … You just have to make sure they are raw and unsalted.  Nut milks are a great alternative for those who are dairy intolerant.

You can also use your nut milk bag to make juice from fresh ingredients, by blending and then straining the juice through the bag, then by using the pulp in other ways, eg in cakes, crackers, muffins, raw fudge etc.  You can even make flour from coconut milk pulp!

Use a nut milk bag where you’d normally use cheesecloth or muslin in cooking – it’s much easier to clean and dry and is another slick accessory to complement your Thermomix.

You can use the milk for smoothies, soups, chia pudding, rice pudding, custard, ice-cream, over granola, or anywhere else you would normally use milk.  For a lovely smoothie, blend some nut milk with a mix of fresh and frozen ripe bananas and perhaps mango, strawberries, frozen raspberries, vanilla, dates and cinnamon.  There are endless choices.

Here are a few suggestions on using a nut milk bag:

ImageLiving Synergy Nut Milk Bags are high quality, good sized, fine meshed, strong, durable, easy to clean, quick drying and ethically madeThe owner of Living synergy in Western Australia, Jen Keenan, sources the fine polyester locally to her and the nut milk bags are assembled exclusively by a man who lives in Perth and he runs a small factory from Bali.  Jen has been over, toured the facility and met the workers, who are happy to travel from other islands to work there.

ImageMaking nut milk in 3 easy steps

  1. SOAK          soak your nuts of choice in enough water to cover them, even as they swell
  2. BLEND        rinse and strain thoroughly before putting in the Thermomix with some water, then blend
  3. STRAIN       strain through the Nut Milk Bag and ‘milk’ it with your hands
  • Nuts with brown skins have enzyme inhibitors* and require soaking for at least 6 hours or overnight, and then give them a good rinse.  Fattier nuts like macadamias and cashews don’t require soaking, although it can make them a little creamier and will give a smoother texture to whatever you may be making.
  • Use between 2 to 6 parts water to 1 part nuts/seeds.  The less water, the creamier the milk.
  • You can sweeten and flavour the milk with honey, rice malt syrup, dates, vanilla etc, by adding them to the Thermomix bowl at the same time as the nuts and water.  Sweetener is entirely optional, though I always like to add a little vanilla powder and a pinch of salt to help bring out the flavour. –
  • It is easiest to put the Nut Milk Bag over a large jug or bowl with a lip to strain the milk.  (I generally put the nut milk bag over the steamer basket and pop that over a bowl).
  • The nut milk should keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

*  Read further about enzyme inhibitors and soaking/activating your nuts here, with Mindful Foodie and here, with Natural New Age Mum.  (By the way, I can personally attest that soaking and dehydrating your nuts makes them taste way better!)


The Nut Milk Bags come nicely packaged in a box with a coloured instruction and recipe booklet including photos.  A lovely gift idea for your Thermie/dairy free/vegan friends!

ImageFor more information, visit

For Australian stockists, click here

For UK/International stockists, click here – £11.50 inc postage and packing



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