Chocolate Popcorn Bites

choc popcorn2-001

I heard about this recipe on the radio last week and thought it would be a nice simple one to tweak and thermify for Mr MaMT’s birthday.  As it happens, he absolutely loved his treats, I was rather pleased with the result and Miss MaMT said the tasted was just like some chocolate popcorn she’d had once … so this one was a winner!

Inspired by The Little Book of Chocolat by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde

Line a 22 x 12cm loaf tin with cling film/greaseproof paper and set aside for the minute.
Cook the popcorn in a pan over a medium heat until the maize bursts into popcorn:

  • 50g popcorn kernels

Set aside to cool


Add to the TM bowl and mill 10 seconds / speed 9:

  • 70g cashew nuts

Add and whizz up 30 seconds or so / speed 9 (you made need to scrape down half-way through, a few times even):

  • 50g water

Set aside.

cashew cream for popcorn-001

Wash and dry the bowl at this point if you wish, but I didn’t bother.

Add and heat at 37°C for 4-5 minutes or until melted on speed 2:

  • 300g coconut oil (you could add a portion of cacao butter, if you wish)

Add and heat/stir 37°C / 10 mins / speed 1:

  • 70g raw cacao or organic cocoa powder
  • 70g rice malt syrup (or more if you prefer it sweeter – or maple syrup, honey even)
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • Generous pinch vanilla powder

Then when melted and nice and glossy, add and blend 5 seconds / speed 3:

  • 120g cashew cream

Chocolate Mixture

Add to the bowl and mix on reverse / speed 3 / 5 seconds, ensuring all of the popcorn is coated:

  • 50g popped popcorn

Tip into the lined loaf tin and press down. Then sprinkle the top with a little more salt (if desired)
Put in the fridge to cool and set for at least 2½ hours.
Remove from the tin, peel away the cling film (if you used it) and slice into bite-sized pieces with a large, sharp knife.

* keep in the fridge *

Next time, I think I’ll add some chopped roasted nuts and/or seeds to scatter underneath the popcorn for an extra crunch factor.

Choccie Popcorn Slice


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