Pea & Mint Soup

Pea & Mint Soup

This is a quick post ‘on the run’ for!

I used an Aldo Zilli recipe as the basis for this.  It should have potato as the thickener, but I was out of taters, so used lentils instead.  I also halved Aldo’s quantities to make a lunch-time soup for Mr Thermie and myself, with a spare portion (or two) for another day.  As it happens, Mr Thermie wasn’t too keen on the pea and mint combo, so maybe it’s not a bad thing that I made less.  You can’t always please everyone!  See gestimate at the end for adjusting to a larger soup portion!

Add to TM bowl and whizz on speed 9 / 30 seconds, then set aside:

  • 20g lentils (I used red – green more in-keeping with the colour, but use what you have; rice even, or better still use a medium sized potato).

Make some almond milk by adding to bowl and whizzing on speed 9 / 10 seconds:

  • 50g almonds

Add and whizz on speed 9 / 1 minute, then pour into a bowl or jug for the time-being (I don’t bother straining for this):

  • 300g water

Add to bowl and whizz on speed 7 / 2-3 seconds, then saute 100deg / speed 1 / 5 minutes:

  • 1 celery stick (or 6 spring onions or a small onion, if you wish)
  • {1 medium potato – if you’re not using lentils to thicken}
  • Splash of olive oil

Now add and cook speed 2 / 15 minutes / 100deg:

  • 250g peas (fresh or frozen)
  • 20g lentil flour from earlier
  • 350g almond milk from earlier
  • 300g water
  • 1 generous tbs stock paste
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Once cooked, add, then purée 1 minute / speed 9:

  • A few sprigs of mint

Adjust seasoning and serve with a drizzle of cashew cream / coconut cream or crème fraiche – if not dairy free – and a small sprig of mint

This serves 3-4 smallish portions.  For a bigger yield, add an extra 10g lentils, double the celery and peas, increase the almonds to 80g almonds:470g water and increase stock water to 500g or so – taking care not to exceed the 2L max