I seem to use a lot of mixed spice of late, I think because I’m always making Quirky Cooking’s baked bean sauce (without the meat and I purée it, then add cooked beans to it at the end), as Master MaMT loves beans on toast for brekkie.  Well, what better way to set up a 16 yo for the day?  Miss MaMT partakes occasionally, but she’s less of a creature of habit.  Anyway, it means I’m ‘bean juice making’ a few times a week and going through mixed spice like no business – then there’s Christmas baking to think of!

Mixed Spice-001

Anyway, while I was in the supermarket recently, I had a quick squizz at the ingredients and thought “I have all of these ingredients at home; I don’t need to buy this!”.  Away and went and this is what I did (although I made a double batch):

Popped a jar on top of my electronic scales (more accurate than Thermie for the smaller amounts) and measured in:

  • 20g ground cinnamon 
  • 20g ground coriander
  • 2g carraway seeds (grind down first in a pestle and mortar, if you wish)
  • 3g nutmeg powder
  • 3g ginger powder
  • 3g ground cloves

Popped the lid on the jar and shook to mix in the spices.  Job done!