Win a Tutsie lunch-pack set!


Have you seen these handy Tutsie lunch-pack sets?

Handmade in Australia, these handy pouches are available in various designs and are used to store sandwiches and all kinds of snacks. They’re made from food-grade cotton and polyester, that can be wiped clean, rinsed or washed in the washing machine for re-use. Great for the kiddies, young and old, even the adults!!!  Eco Parents has written a review on her thoughts and feedback.  Check it out …

For a chance to win a set of these eco-friendly Tutsie lunch pack sets, come and share your healthy snack ideas for school lunches by leaving a blog comment on what your kids’ favourite lunch-time snacks are and by popping over to Tutsie to check out her page and range …

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Be quick!  Contest ends 12am UK time on 7 February!


14 thoughts on “Win a Tutsie lunch-pack set!

  1. Great give-away! I would love some of these. Both of my kids are off this week to kindergarten and school for the first time! I love to make dried fruit & nut balls, hommus & vegetable sticks, boiled eggs, and fresh fruit. 🙂

  2. The key to having a healthy lunch eaten whilst at school all comes down to successful packaging. I would love to give these gorgeous looking pouches a test run – and in them would go my boys’ school favourites of ‘traffic light logs’ = snow peas (green), carrots (amber) and red capsicum cut into matchstick batons.

  3. These are amazing I have been looking for someone to make these for a while!!! Thankyou for the opportunity to win them 🙂

  4. For my kids it is all about marketing – as in how I sell it to them. It isnt just sliced carrots, they are “carrot coins” and I make sure there are different coloured carrots (purple, yellow and orange are a good base, we grow all of these ones). Little cherry tomatoes are called “tomato bombs” because they explode in your mouth when you bite them. I can make 2 “cucumber ships” from one little cucumber, and then the baby bell cheeses are the pirates. A fantastic scene for some pirate imagination. Or a “bugs bunny carrot” with the leaves still on the top, “rabbit poo” seed bliss balls. You get the idea. Normal food with a dose of imagination.

  5. I saw something similar to these at our last school fair and almost bought a few (however they really weren’t in the budget at the time!). My kids fav school snack is mini quiches. I make them with whatever is in the fridge in big batches and then freeze them. They grab one out and add it to their lunches each day.

  6. I don’t have kids but I do have a four legged baby (black lab), & I prepare snacks for him…..carrot sticks, mushrooms stalks & my homemade peanut paste dog biscuits (made with organic ingedients) are his faves!!

  7. Bliss balls made with activated nuts and seeds, dates and coconut; lebanese cucumbers and cherry tomatoes picked fresh from the garden; and homemade grain free coconut and blueberry muffins.

  8. Favorites around here are: grain free almond bread sandwiches, nut and date balls with a bit of cacao. vegie sticks with cashew and coconut butter to dip, Pizzas on almond bases. For after school we do veg / fruit smoothies and home made banana “icecream”

  9. My wee man isn’t old enough for school lunch snacks just yet (7mths) but given he just LOVES pear, perhaps pear slices with a smidge of cheese :).

  10. These look great. For my three children, the favourite lunchbox snack is homemade spelt scrolls with various fillings to accommodate my sons food intolerance. Ham and cheese are a big winner.

  11. My daughter just loves having strawberries and grapes for fruit time, a banana and crackers with ham and cheese for recess, and then for lunch she has roly poly (slices of bread rolled out thin with butter, vegemite and cheese put on, roll it up and then cut it into slices), cherry tomatoes and a carrot – and maybe a sweet like an LCM bar or jelly.

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