Warm weather, barbecues and adventures …

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend!  A rather warm and busy one here, so not been online much.  However, I thought I’d share our Sunday excursion with our Spanish student, starting with a barbecue by the river …

ImageThe kids had fun skimming stones and building a stepping stone bridge and we had a terrific barbecue lunch, but had to resort to the shade, it was so hot!  Phew, not used to it anymore … 25 degs, going on 30!!! lol

ImageMr Thermie then played a bit of frisbee with the kids … and oops, it flew into the water … Mr T drew the short straw and, suffice to say, the rescue mission was quite a spectacle  – the rest of us had a great laugh at his expense!!! (No photos, sorry!).

Moving on, we got on with our hike and stopped off at a place called ‘Hanging Stone’ …


Great view!


Never did find the place we’d intended to visit, but hey ho, we were running out of water and energy, so finished the loop, a little tired, hot and thirsty.  Still, it was a fun-packed day and we landed home in good time and I quickly swung into action to whizz up a quick gluten free pizza.  Luckily I’d already pre-made the base and used the rest of the tomato sauce we had with our snags/chicken at lunch-time to spread over the pizza base, then topped with some other left-over chicken and veggies.  I have to say, it was one of the yummiest ever and we’d earned it!ImageSuitably energised, the kids kicked on with a massive water fight and a game of wet badminton …

It’s true: the best things in life are free! 😀

Happy Monday all.


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