Reasons to have a Thermomix … some useful links

Here are some useful links on why you should have a Thermomix! 🙂

What it is and what it does (for those unfamiliar with this ‘way of cooking’):

Why buy a Thermomix?

Savings with a Thermomix:

Cooking for large groups with Thermomix:

Equipping the Wholefood Kitchen with ‘Tools That Count’ – by Jude Blereau

Useful to note:


9 thoughts on “Reasons to have a Thermomix … some useful links

    1. Aaah, of course, Maria!!! How could I omit this very important post?!!! *Head like a Thermomix steaming basket in sieve mode* ! Rectified! Thanks for prodding me!!

  1. G’day and a great list, true!
    Newbie re Thermomix!!!
    I just started my series on Dear Thermalina IS Thermomix REALLY for ME? should you and others with to view on my blog called What’s On The List? Please let m e know what you think and feel free to add me to the list; follow you:)
    LOTS more posts to come too! 🙂
    Emphasis on health, minimizing food wastage, limiting sugar, saving time and money too!

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