Oh, way to go, Cyndi at Changing Habits!  Read about how Cyndi prepares for her trips away … I love the fact that she takes a red Esky on board flights, in lieu of a briefcase!


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We talked about taking a Thermomix overseas on Facebook last week.  Whilst we haven’t done any o/s travel with ours (apart from my precious machine travelling in a container with the rest of our worldly goods from Australia – eek – 3 years ago at the end of the month), we do take ours with us when we go away, even for one night.  Travelling with a family and eating out can work out to be a little exy and not only that, eating healthily and gluten free can, at times, prove a little stressful, especially now that our 14yo is currently on a gluten free diet with his Dad.  We do sometimes have the odd coffee or meal out though, but for us, travelling with Thermie is good for our food and financial health.

As Cyndi says in her blog, you have to be mega organised.  For us that usually means a big pre-prep session the day before, planning meals and taking bare essentials for evening meals (buying the main ingredients from a local supermarket, grocers, etc) and making sure we have enough snacks for the trip, as well as soup, gluten free bread and, of course, coffee!  Thank goodness for those Ikea jug flasks!  It’s all extra work, but we have it all down pat now, with a special ‘glamping’ travel box for cutlery, bowls tea-towels etc, a portable electric fridge and, of course, Thermie herself.

It kind of takes me back to the 70s when we’d go on family holidays to the south of England and Mum would be packing up boxes of food, an “Esky” or “Cool Box”, a picnic, flasks.  No overseas trips, back in the day.  I don’t remember eating out, apart from the odd ‘fish and chips’ on the beach, but I do remember playing monopoly and card games in our caravan, though I was always a bad loser!   Those were the days!  In fact, OH, aka ‘Mr Thermie’ has a tale or two to tell about his family travels from Victoria to Queensland, strewn out and playing games in the back of the station-wagon.  That was pre compulsory seat-belt days, of course, and another story in itself!

Happy travels, peeps!